HIDDEN PLASTIC At TEATIME - is nothing sacred?

Most tea bags contain plastic. Who knew? A key problem with plastic in the environment is it doesn’t biodegrade. People these days are pretty good at recycling things which are obviously plastic, like drinking bottles. But with hidden plastic it’s hard to know and it often ends up in general waste, or even food waste like tea bags. Fortunately brands with hidden plastic are starting to get rid of it. PG Tips has committed to plastic free tea bags. Gails now offers cups without plastic films. Iceland sell plastic free chewing gum. And did you know that according to Friends of the Earth the so called ‘fat bergs’ blocking the world’s sewers are actually up to 90% made of wet wipes, not fat?! Sanitary protection is another example whether binned or flushed. Brands like Natracare offer biodegradable versions of both.



There’s an easy way to ditch the plastic which is bars. Bar soaps, bar shampoos. Our favourites come from the Friendly Soap company - vegan, natural, affordable and handmade by an authentic company in the Yorkshire Pennines. There’s less choice when it comes to shampoos, shower gels and washes - your best bet at the moment is refills, from eco minded companies. But wash this space (geddit) here at SUPO towers we are working on something new….